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A Few Nice Words

We are very proud of the service we provide. Read testimonials from some of our clients.
Office Manager

I have never been closer to the 4-Hour Work Week than I am right now. After experimenting with outsourcing for years, this actually works.

Stock Video Producer

My Lil Assistant cut my workload down well below half what it was. I’ve never seen a VA that could actually edit video.

eCommerce owner

With the help of Christian’s AI, our remote worker is writing around 25 articles per day of great content for my cosmetic company’s blog. That’s more than 10 times what we were able to do before, AND we’re paying about half as much.


Unlike most overseas remote workers I have dealt with, Lil Assistant’s PHP guy is a native English speaker. Never a miscommunication and great at what he does.

Yoga Instructor

This is a game changer. Most VA services are at least double the price and are usually limited to “admin tasks” or maybe “social media”. My VA did my website. It ended up costing literally 5% of what I was quoted by a web designer.

Save time…Save Money

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