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Drawing – Lil Assistance


Over $10k in PRIZES

1 Grand Prize Winner get’s a fulltime remote worker for 3 months FREE (worth $2,330)–grand prize winner will be announced on Call me Lil YouTube Channel.

3 Second Prize Winners will get a fulltime remote worker for 4 weeks FREE (worth $890)

5 Third prize winners will get 10 hours/week for 4 weeks FREE (worth $610)

10 Fourth prize winners will get their $250 setup fee knocked off (worth $250)


We will work with the winners to match them with the right VA.

How to enter the drawing:


Step 3) Share the link for additional entries

 Experience the power of a team

fully dedicated to you and your vision

for as little as $4/hour.


teams & professionals choose Lil Assistance.

 Experience the power of a

team fully dedicated to you

and your vision

for as little as $4/hour.


teams & professionals choose Lil Assistance.

Office Manager

I have never been closer to the 4-Hour Work Week than I am right now. After experimenting with outsourcing for years, this actually works.

Stock Video Producer

My Lil Assistant cut my workload down well below half what it was. I’ve never seen a VA that could actually edit video.

eCommerce owner

With the help of Christian’s AI, our remote worker is writing around 25 articles per day of great content for my cosmetic company’s blog. That’s more than 10 times what we were able to do before, AND we’re paying about half as much.


Unlike most overseas remote workers I have dealt with, Lil Assistant’s PHP guy is a native English speaker. Never a miscommunication and great at what he does.

Yoga Instructor

This is a game changer. Most VA services are at least double the price and are usually limited to “admin tasks” or maybe “social media”. My VA did my website. It ended up costing literally 5% of what I was quoted by a web designer.

Lil Assistance Helps

save time..save money.
Our smart, passionate VAs are waiting to make your life easier


Digital Asset Design

We have virtual assistants who specialize in digital asset creation.

learn more >

Email Outreach

Native English speakers (or may as well be) can find you customers.

learn more >

Web Design

Web design is second nature to nearly all of our VAs.

learn more >

Article Writing & SEO

Native English speakers & gifted writers with a knack for SEO.

learn more >

Data Entry & Keywording

How much of your time is spent doing the most boring tasks?

learn more >

Customer Service

Friendly and outgoing remote workers with perfect grammar.

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Most importantly, we hire for teachability. Your new VA is capable of learning just about any task that can be done from a keyboard

How it works

Tell us what you need done. We’ll match you with one (or more) of our trusted and trained virtual assistants with skills that match your needs. You’ll provide instructions and keep in touch with them via our company Slack channel.

Hire a team for a fraction of the cost.


Get in touch

Fill out our quick and easy form here. There’s no commitment on your part, just fill it out to the best of your knowledge. This takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes (super easy).


We match you

Our VA’s are all near-native English speakers and trained up to our standards. Some have specialized skills, so we’ll match you with the person who’s best suited to your requirements.


You’ll be put in a private Slack chatroom room with your VA where you can give them all their requirements to begin work. We’ll also give you material that should help you make the most of the experience.


Your VA may be able to start right away, or might have to wait until the next Monday, but you are ready to go!





Why businesses choose US


Mariana runs an English/Spanish/Portuguese translation service in Southern California, Freelancing for news sites and magazines. She was a one-woman band, working ~55 hours/week before Lil Assistance. Initially, we saved her about 15 hours/week handling customer inquiries, but she has since upgraded to 40 hours/week, putting of most the extra time into customer outreach. She has grown her business ~20%, while reducing her workload more than 40%. 

Save time…Save Money

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live your best life. focus on things that matter.