Case Study

We’re going to examine the strategy and success of a photographer platform as relayed by a VA on our team. I do not have permission from the client to post this and they might not want it to get out, so I’m going to leave their name off.

Where our VA comes in

Our VA first used to scrape accounts using the aforementioned hashtags with their target cities in their Bio (big American City names).

Inserted scraped content into a spreadsheet, and split it into 6 parts (each split for a different IG account).

He used our Envato account to create 6 separate “wedding photographer” related Instagram accounts.

One-by-one, he went down the list while logged into one IG account and liked 2 photos/videos of the target accounts.

Then logged into the next account, and did the same and so on.

2 days after liking, he would go back to the same account, and send them a message, congratulating them on getting engaged.

This would usually get the regular “thank you” response you’d expect. 2 days later, he would go back to the same account and follow them.

And after 2 more days, he would hit them with a pitch. The text varied each time. It would start with a compliment, then a pitch and right in the middle would be a “secret link” that gave them access to a FREE 1 hour engagement shoot.

During the initial part of this campaign, our VA sent around 12,000 Instagram messages from 6 accounts, gave away 41 free engagement shoots, and helped book in 20 weddings worth a little over $36,000.

Once the weddings/shoots are over, they will upsell additional photos/prints, so the ~$1k they pay for the VA during this period will likely be worth north of $45k.

This campaign is not over, this is just the screenshot I got–a moment in time.

The Setup

This particular client uses Instagram marketing quite heavily. They advertize on FB and IG, but this is outside of their “normal” ad campaigns.

Goal: increase wedding photo bookings with on-site photographers.

Package Price: $1,499 – $4,999 with possibly upsells in the future

Strategy: target wedding related hashtags, cold message campaign. (#engaged, #fiance, #gettingmarried)

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